2014 King Air C90GTx

2014 King Air C90GTx

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Manufacturer BEECHCRAFT
Year 2014
Model C90GTx
Asking Price Make Offer
Serial LJ-2117
Condition Excellent
Total Time 572
Air Frame
Air Frame Total Time 573
Air Frame Total Landings 503
Air Frame Program ProParts
Propellers Manufacturer Hartzell - On Propeller
Propellers Hours 572
Engine Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Engine Model PT6A-135A
Engine Program PowerAdvantage
Left Engine Hours 572
Left Engine Cycles 503
Right Engine Hours 572
Right Engine Cycles 503
Avionics Description - Flight Display System - Pro Line 21 system with two (2) AFD-3010 and one (1) AFD-3010E adaptive flight displays (pilot’s PFD, MFD and copilot’s PFD); incorporates an Engine Indicating (EI) system.
- Comm 1 - Collins VHF-4000 transceiver (118.000 to 136.975 MHz with 8.33 KHz increments), tuning through CDU or Collins RTU-4200.
- Comm 2 - Collins VHF-4000 transceiver (118.000 to 136.975 MHz with 8.33 KHz increments), tuning through CDU or Collins RTU-4200.
- Nav 1 - Collins NAV-4000 VOR/LOC/GLS/ADF/Marker Beacon receiver, tuning through CDU or RTU.
- Nav 2 - Collins NAV-4500 VOR/LOC/GLS/Marker Beacon receiver, tuning through CDU or RTU.
- AHRS - dual Collins AHC-3000 attitude heading reference system including dual FDU-3000 flux detector units, slaved and DG heading modes are provided.
- GPS - Collins GPS-4000S Global Positioning System.
- DBU-5000 data base unit for all database loading.
- ADC - Dual Collins ADC-3010 air data computers.
- ADF - Collins NAV-4000 with ADF, including antenna.
- Transponders - Dual Rockwell Collins (Mode S) TDR-94D ‘Diversity’ transponders with enhanced surveillance and Flight ID, controlled through CDU or RTU.
- Transponder ATC Ident button on pilot’s and copilot’s control wheels.
- DME - Collins DME-4000 with DME information displayed on PFD’s.
- Audio system - dual dB 700/dB 800 systems.
- CVR - L3 Communications FA2100-1020-00 cockpit voice recorder with 120 minute recording time.
- Flight Guidance System - dual Rockwell Collins FGC-3000 flight guidance computers, single autopilot system with yaw damper.
- FMS - Rockwell Collins FMS-3000 flight management system with single CDU-3000 and navigational inputs from GPS receivers, Navigation receivers, and DME. FMS 4.0 software provides - WAAS/LPV approach functionality.
- IFIS – Rockwell Collins Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) with IFIS 6.0 software provides enhanced map features to traditional displays (e.g. rivers, lakes, national boundaries, airway and airspace depictions). A File Server Unit (FSU) is connected to an Ethernet capable MFD and provides the control interface using a Cursor Control Panel (CCP).


- Collins ECH-5000 Electronic Charts software depicting NOTAMS, airport diagrams with aircraft location and approach charts (GPS/ILS). The charts are integrated into IFIS and preloads the electronic charts to match the FMS flight plan.
- Subscriptions services are required for the following functions: Jeppesen electronic charts; Collins enhanced map overlays; Collins navigational database.
- SFDS – Secondary Flight Display System Meggitt Mark II provides back-up attitude, heading, airspeed, altitude, and Nav with backup battery.
- Weather radar - Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather Radar incorporates the Doppler principle of frequency shift to detect and display precipitation-related turbulence (up to a 50 nm range). It also features an auto-tilt function target alert mode.
- Radio altimeter - Collins ALT-4000 radio altimeter, measures altitude up to 2,500 feet AGL, displayed on PFD.
- Maintenance Diagnostics Computer - Collins MDC-3110 maintenance diagnostics computer, displays maintenance information on MFD and downloads through the DBU-5000 to memory stick.
- Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) - ACSS TAWS+ system provides a Class A terrain awareness and warning system display on the MFD in normal mode or PFD in reversionary mode.
- TCAS 1 - traffic alert and collision avoidance system (level 1) using L3 Communications Skywatch HP displayed on MFD in normal mode, PFD in reversionary mode.
- Checklist display capability - normal and emergency checklists displayed on the MFD.
- Cabin paging - cockpit to cabin paging with four cabin speakers.
- Ground comm switch tied to comm 1 and pilot’s and copilot’s audio.
- Dual hand held microphones.
- Microphone key button on pilot’s and copilot’s control wheels.
Additional Equipment
Additional Equipment Description ADDITONAL FEATURES (FACTORY)
Increased Gross Weight providing improved Payload/Range capability.
Composite winglets to provide enhanced performance.
Airstair door with folding steps and hydraulic snubber.
3M™ protective tape applied to various surface areas including leading edge of glare fins.
Extra sealant applied around periphery of all cabin windows, windshield, hot lips and wing tip navigation lights 3M™ Radome boot.
Black Teflon coating applied to wing leading edges.
Quick release second cabin door support cable.
High security Medeco locks.
Exterior high solids polyurethane paint.
Complete internal polyamide epoxy corrosion proofing.
Nose avionics compartment moisture barrier.
Forward avionics compartment access doors with cam-lock fasteners and key lock.
Aft fuselage maintenance access door with cam-lock fasteners and key lock.
Anti-siphon fuel filler valves.
Interior Description Number of Seats: 6
Configuration: Passenger
Galley: Yes
Galley Configuration: Forward
Lavatory: Yes
Lavatory Configuration: Aft

Interior: Four cabin chairs in club seating arrangement. Each chair includes fore/aft travel, and swivel/recline capability (swivel and recline limited by cabinetry and partitions/ sidewalls), retractable inboard armrest and is equipped with an inertia reel shoulder harness and lap belt. The simply tailored lines of the chair emphasize side bolsters and additional lumbar support. The bottom cushion provides comfortable thigh support and a top mounted headrest allows for recline comfort. Variable density memory foam cushions provide proper passenger firmness.

Aisle facing seat with lap belt, padded structural partition and two ice chest/storage drawers below. The simply tailored lines of the seat emphasize side bolsters and coordinate with the cabin seating.

Private lavatory compartment with electric flushing recirculating chemical toilet, sidewall relief tube, seat belt, air, light, and oxygen outlet, improved toilet seat cushion to ensure cushion folds properly when toilet is used (approved seating location for takeoff and landing)
Exterior Description Overall White – Blue/Grey/Teal Stripes
Additional Information
Additional Information Description WHY BUY NEW? Save on this Immaculate Like-New C90GTx. Only 572 Hours, Airframe Enrolled on Proparts, Engines Enrolled on PowerAdvantage, and Props on ProPropeller. US Registered and Based. One-Owner. ADS-B Out. Approx $400,000 in Optional Equipment/Upgrad
Maintenance & Inspections
Maintenance & Inspections Description All Current - Textron Service Center - Wichita